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Greenvolt reaches agreement for the sale of an 8 Mwp wind project in Poland for 18.8 million EUR

• Letter of Intent provides for the sale of a wind project in northwest Poland for a value of 2.35 million euros per MWp.

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Greenvolt - Energias Renováveis had signed a Letter of Intent for the sale of a wind power generation project with a capacity of 8 MWp in Poland. The transaction now agreed should be carried out for an amount of around 18.8 million euros.

Through Greenvolt Power, a 100% owned subsidiary for the large-scale renewable energy projects, Greenvolt agreed with the sale of this wind farm located in northwest Poland, with a transaction price that implies a €2.35 million per MWp.

The energy generated by this park will be consumed directly by the buyer ("Behind The Meter" solution, without injection into the grid). The park should be "Ready to Build" (RtB) during the third quarter of this year, reaching the “Commercial Operation Date” (COD) status in the final months of 2024.

"This is an extremely relevant operation, in the sense that we managed to reach high values per MWp for a Behind The Meter solution", says Radek Nowak, CEO of Greenvolt Power, highlighting the advantage of this solution that allows overcoming the constraints associated with connecting renewable energy projects to electricity grid in Poland.

"We are witnessing a growing appetite for the renewable energy projects that we develop and subsequently sell, following the asset rotation strategy that we have committed to with our stakeholders", adds João Manso Neto, CEO of the Greenvolt Group.

Greenvolt is a promoter of large-scale wind and solar photovoltaic projects, operating in several European markets and the American market, with a pipeline of 6.9 GW - with 2.9 GW in RtB status by the end of this year.

Currently, more than 300 MWp of wind and solar energy capacity are already under construction in six countries, with the Greenvolt projecting the sale of at least 200 MWp throughout this year, both in Poland and Portugal.

In addition to the production of energy from biomass, from forest and urban wood residues, Greenvolt operates in the strategic segment of distributed generation of renewable energy, both in the business and residential segments. It has a total backlog of 148.9 MWp, to which 52.5 MWp contribute through PPAs.


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